Belinda is the creation of sole owner and operator Belinda.

In 2008, Belinda was awarded Psychic of the Year(WA) by Australian Psychics Association and is currently a Professional Member of International Psychics Association.

Belinda is a trance medium who was born with the natural gift of seeing, hearing, sensing, tasting, smelling and communicating with spirit from a very early age.

Professionally, Belinda has assisted clients locallly, nationally and internationally via platform work, psychic fairs, market places, psychic expos and radio over the last 30 years.

Belinda is well known for her no-nonsense, straight to the point and clear style of relaying messages to clients from guides, loved ones and pets.

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Services Offered

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Connecting with your guides, my guides and spirit to pass on messages from loved ones and pets,

Clarity that you are on the right path.

Past Lives, Dreams, Numerology, Photos

Connecting with spirit to clarify situations of dejavu and messages and symbols within dreams and numbers.

Remote Viewing, House Clearing, Spiritual Counselling

Connecting with spirit

remotely to clear housing and businesses, empathic counselling.


Belinda has

helped enormously

with business

decisions I needed to make - Chris T, NSW

Would highly


Belinda. She

has helped me

in times

of grief - Mac, QLD

Professional and

ethical, unlike

others I have

consulted with

- Mandy C, VIC

Terms and Conditions

**All sessions are strictly confidential,

no information and contact details will ever be shared with any third

party. Copyright laws and confidentiality agreements apply.

** All Sessions are for Guidance, and Guidance only.

**I, Belinda or my website shall not be held liable for any direct,

indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from

using this site and my services.

**Cancellation & Refund during the session: Your readings are based

on who comes through and what message they bring. Any

misinterpretation is within you, the Client.

**Refunds will not be issued, please read the above T&C's.

**After reading this disclaimer, you acknowledge that you are entering into a legally binding contract, and that you accept and understand the disclaimer and all stated terms of service above.**